Why Custom Boxes Are Ideal for displaying Gift sets?

With the holiday season just around the corner, it is time you change your custom boxes to exude a celebration vibe.

We all love receiving gifts, right? It is the feeling linked to getting our hands on exceptional boxes and opening them that counts more than what we find inside.

Brands are now cashing in one the same excitement by offering gift packaging with their products. It adds value, depth, and more reasons to prefer a brand over all others. No matter what the industry or markets are selling, when the products are wrapped in celebratory designs and sentiments, the sales revenues are bound to go through the roof!

Why is gift packaging so popular?

From the exquisite box coverings to shinny ribbons, and creative box designs, everything about gift boxes offer uniqueness. Brands, time and again, use gift-like boxes to represent current occasions, festivals, and important days. It has come to be one of the most promising marketing tools in the last 15 years.

The modern gift boxes don’t just look exclusive, they are strong and reliable too. Brands owners get full control over how the boxes appear, feel, and exhibit branding. Stats state that 85% of customers consider the packaging before buying products. With such a high percentage, it is easy to see why gift boxes have gathered more likes and brands depend on them to extend brand recognition.

We list some crucial reasons why this season you need to invest in gift packaging to improve your year-end profit figures.

#1: It shows sincerity

Customers love to see brands valuing them. Using gift boxes as per the taste of the specific customer group initiates their interest in the brand and convinces them to consider it for purchase.

This reflects the thought and effort behind creating personalized gift boxes. Customers would get the feeling that the brand prioritizes quality at every step of the production and packaging process. Such features help to give an edge to the brand over its competitors by appearing more visible and functional.

Customizing aids to include personalized notes, colors, opening tabs, and protection to the boxes. Customers have varied tastes and not a single product can determine the ultimate box shape and size. Altering the boxes to fit the need is what differentiates gift packaging from ordinary boxes.

This means that the brand can have separate gift boxes for every occasion such as Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day, among others. Buyers quickly notice exclusive brand appeal and appreciate the effort put into creating alluring packaging boxes.

#2: It gives room for creativity

Gift boxes can be crafted in a million ways. Brands can put in their distinct company components. It makes for a perfect platform to engage more customers and educate them about the business.

Global brand Tiffany has made a living out of gift packaging its jewelry. The turquoise blue boxes have become synonym with the brand image. So much so is the popularity of the brand that customers recognize it through its custom boxes and not vice versa!

Ultimately, the gift boxes are used to extend branding and benefit sales levels. It is done by diverting customers’ focus towards the brand and giving them a memorable shopping feel. The brand name and logo are placed to generate brand recognition at all points of contact.

The creativity aspect isn’t just for the outer box covers; the box shapes can also be modified. Companies don’t have to go for the traditional mailer boxes or folding cartons. There are many other custom box shapes available that fit the products perfectly. So, brands can have small gift packaging for smaller items and get relevant box forms for unusual product dimensions.

#3: Gift boxes up the brand’s credibility

Gift boxes reflect the quality of the content.

For instance, luxurious products are packaged using rigid stock paper and designed with premium inks. Packaging them ordinarily will not sync well with the product’s characteristics and be ignored by buyers.

Especially when the products are bought online, the first contact becomes retainable when gift boxes arrive at the buyers’ doorsteps. They communicate favorable branding and compel buyers to repeat their purchases frequently.

The custom printed shipping boxes are also used to convey important product and business details that customers look for. Thus, it is not just a beautiful box, it is also a brand promotion tool. Every product has specific details crucial to using it appropriately. Food items and medical supplies boxes specify allergens, expiry dates, and storage temperature. Apparel items come with washing instructions and size chart, and so on.

Placing these on the gift boxes earns trust for the business. It also makes it easy to advertise other product range on the boxes to enhance overall profitability.

#4: It is innovative

Who knew that the boxes can be your answer to numerous warehouse, transport, and customer retention issues? Gift packaging offers an effective solution to a wide range of potential business problems.

Gift boxes can go the extra mile to add on QR codes, gift vouchers, free samples, and much more. Brands can seal the boxes in various ways to balloon up the unboxing procedure. Although these may not seem significant, they nevertheless give clues as to how the customers can benefit from their purchases. Eventually, the brand image gets imprinted on the customers’ memories and becomes their favorite!

#5: It is versatile

Spending on gift boxes doesn’t have to necessarily strain annual budgets. Businesses can use the same box structures for varied occasions. They only have to change the box design a bit to reflect the ongoing season. The rest of the box can remain the same. This considerably saves packaging costs and time.

The boxes can also support handles and creative handling features to stand apart from the crowd. Customers value comfort as part of a persuasive shopping experience.


We hope that your brand would capitalize on the coming holiday festivities. Creating gift custom boxes is a clever way to attract, captivate, and retain more buyers.

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