Our Terms and Conditions

We are introducing our site to help clients. here they can publish their articles after registration confirmation. we apply a few terms and conditions for clients. Clients should peruse cautiously before start publishing articles. Our terms and conditions are not all that complexes.

The conditions of this site will to all from small businesses to huge ones. Our team will remove the adult content without any permission of the author, so don’t publish content that you copied from other websites.

We don’t allow users to do spam. If we found any plagiarism or spamming, we will delete your content from our website and the author account will terminate too. Overall, we hope you will keep our terms and conditions in your mind. But we again do request to our users be careful with content. An author only has the right to make a change in his content. Please make sure that the owner is only using his account. Don’t share your account password with anyone else. Thank you for your cooperation.