Sidewalk Repair and Construction Services

Cracked and broken sidewalks are an eyesore for any New York City property. Besides that, they could potentially result in fines and countless safety concerns for pedestrians. To ensure that your New York City property’s sidewalks remain safe and you don’t have to deal with expensive DOT violations, it’s important to stay on top of your sidewalk repair needs. Lots of environmental factors can contribute to the degradation of your sidewalks. Some of these factors include:

Tree roots growing under your sidewalk
Erosion or settling of the ground underneath your sidewalk
Damage from age and traffic wear

Harsh weather and constant exposure to the elements
While you can’t stop these factors from damaging your concrete in the long run, you can keep your sidewalks in great shape with professional sidewalk repair. With professional sidewalk repairs from Eden Sidewalk Contractors, you can get the service you need to ensure your sidewalks continue to look great and remain safe for you and everyone else who walks them. If you need top-notch sidewalk repair or concrete repair services, give us a call today.


Prevent The DOT From Getting Involved While You Can
An important thing for any commercial property owner in the New York City area to remember is that if your sidewalks are damaged in any way that represents a safety hazard, you will receive a violation notice from the NYC DOT.

If you fail to resolve these issues with your sidewalks, it can result in hefty fines as the city pays to have the issue corrected at your expense. With this in mind, it’s always best to take care of any violation notices as soon as they pop up. When you need help rectifying a sidewalk violation notice, you can rely on the sidewalk repair experts at Eden Sidewalk Contractors to help you get things back in order promptly.

If you’ve received a sidewalk violation notice, give our team of sidewalk repair pros a call as soon as possible after being served.