Purdah for women in Islam and its importance

Purdah was introduced by Muslims to save the respects of women. Women were not given any kind of respect and status in the society. Islam began with knowledge as first revelation revealed upon Holy Prophet was about knowledge. He then started saving the respect and status of humanity through his teachings.
Women act upon his teachings and protect their beauty and body while they book cheap Umrah packages UK to visit the sacred sites. They wear Naqab although they go to common places.

Purdah for women:

Purdah was recommended for women in Islam as women are the main part of society and are attractive to men due to their beauty. Allah has made women more pretty than men. Vulgarity would have destroyed humanity if women were not ordered to wear Naqab. Men and women are two different genders and Allah has created attraction in them for one another. But these attractions must be converted into halal relations with the help of Nikah.
Women in the past:
Allah created women more beautiful than men. Women did not use to hide their faces (Purdah) in the past before the commencement of Islam. Later, there rose a need to wear Naqab. Lust increased inquisitiveness in men to see the faces of women. Respect of women was at risk. Hazrat Umar gave the idea of Purdah for women. Later, Allah Almighty revealed the revelation about the purdah of women and it was made compulsory for every Muslim woman.
Women started wearing Naqab and it helped them protect their Zeenah and respect. Women used to wear full dresses when they went for prayers. It saved both men and women from sins.

Importance of Purdah:

Purdah is considered as the best way of being successful in front of Allah Almighty and to save respect of family. Purdah is not only recommended for women but it is also recommended for men. The purdah for men is different. Man has been asked to lower eyes when a Non-Mehram woman comes in front of him. These two types of Purdah are very important for the prosperity and sovereignty of society.
Women are not only asked to wear Naqab but also have been forbidden from haram interaction with other males. Women are the respect of a family and any of their mistakes can fall family into a great shame. Seeing Muslim women, Non-Muslim women including Hindu women also adopted this act or doing purdah. Now, females of many other religions do purdah from Non-Mehram men.

Benefits of doing Purdah:

Purdah has provided many benefits to women. Women are weak creatures but Islam has provided them the strength with the help of Purdah. They easily protect their respect while outside their homes.
They are allowed to come in front of close relatives without purdah. These close relatives are brothers, sons, father, grandfather, husband, father in law, step-brother, step-father, and uncles. These are the close relatives of females. These are the part of family of women. Women also feel easy to be in front of these relatives.
Islam has provided liberty to women with the help of purdah. Women can go anywhere and can save their respect with the help of Purdah. They have been forbidden from showing their faces and beauty to Non-Mehram men. It creates lust in the hearts of men and they take steps towards negativity that leads the whole society to destruction.

Status of women in Islam:

Women were not given any kind of respect and status in society. Islam gave them respect and proper status in society. Females got the status of mothers, sisters, teachers, wives, and queen of the house through the teachings of Islam. Women should think over their standard that Islam has defined and they should act upon all the teachings of Islam. Naqab must be worn by every woman.

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