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Insurance Company Ping A Reports YoY Growth of 10.0% in Operating Profit Attributable to Shareholders of the Parent Company in Q1 2022
(Hong Kong, Shanghai, April 29, 2022) Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. (in the future “Ping An of China,” “Ping An,” the “Organization” or the “Gathering,” HKEX: 2318; SSE: 601318) today reported its most memorable quarter monetary outcomes for the three months finished 31 March 2022.Insurance Company

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Worldwide capital business sectors experienced significant unpredictability in a mind boggling and serious global climate where the COVID-19Insurance Company pandemic proceeded and an international clash broke out in the initial three months of 2022. Homegrown financial development confronted three headwinds, in particular contracting interest, inventory network interruption, and debilitating assumptions in the midst of irregular COVID-19 episodes.


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Confronting difficulties, Ping A stuck to the business strategy of Insurance Company“zeroing in on monetary business, presenting changes and developments, expanding income and diminishing use, and guaranteeing agreeable business activities.” Ping A squeezed immovably ahead with Ping A Insurance CompanyLife’s quality-situated change and change, constantly fortified the benefits of incorporated finance, and assembled the “HMO oversaw care model.” Ping An established a strong starting point for long haul economical, solid development by conveying “endearing monetary administrations” and giving clients “effortless, efficient, and cash saving” experience.

Basic Principles of ping an Insurance Company

Because of the collaborations and flexibility of the incorporated money procedure, Ping An engaged its vitally monetary organizations with environments and slowly yielded outcomes. The Group kept on developing its Life and Health change and change, reinforced its center intensity, and accomplished consistent business results. Ping A’s working benefit inferable from investors Insurance Companyof the parent organization rose 10.0% year on year to RMB43,047 million in the initial three months of 2022. Net benefit owing to investors of the parent organization diminished 24.1% year on year to RMB20,658 million principally because of unstable capital business sectors. The fundamental working income per share rose 11.3 % to RMB2.46.Insurance Company Client improvement kept on yielding more noteworthy outcomes.

Ping A’s retail clients became 0.7% from start of the year to north of 223 million as of March 31, 2022. Contracts per client became 1.0% from the start of the year to 2.94. The Group’s web clients expanded 1.6% from the start of the year to north of 657 million as of March 31, 2022. The quantity of yearly dynamic clients surpassed 345 million as of March 31, 2022. Composed premium of the corporate channel accomplished through strategically pitching expanded 28.2% year on year and new supporting scale accomplished through corporate business strategically pitching expanded 9.0% year on year to RMB192,969 million in the initial three months of 2022.

Life and Health progressed change and change. Property and Casualty kept up with great business quality. The banking and resource the executives business expanded consistently.

Ping A Life unswervingly progressed its change and change and continually updated its items and administrations. The working benefit of Life and Health rose 16% year on year to RMB29,678 million. NBV of Life and Health fell 33.7% year on year to RMB12,589 million in the initial three months of 2022 because of the specialist force change, item blend change, spread of pandemic, and the high base in the principal quarter of 2021. By and by, the decay fundamentally limited in March. Insurance Company Ping A Life stuck to its unique yearning of change, and high level the quality-arranged change through its two dimensional “channel + item” technique to fabricate a strong starting point for long haul solid turn of events. As far as channels, Ping A Life refined the layered administration of its representative power to upgrade the group structure. The extent of specialists with an advanced degree foundation or more rose 3.5 pps year on year as of March 31, 2022. The bancassurance channel ceaselessly constructed the expert activities system of “channel + item + innovation.” Ping A Life consistently extended collaboration Insurance Companywith Ping A Bank to assemble a selective item suite, share preparing assets, and speed up the advancement of Ping A Bank’s Private Wealth Advisers whose commitments are expanding. Ping A Life effectively investigated imaginative channels including the Community Grid channel and the Lower-level Market channel to work with multi-channel advancement. Ping A Life effectively guided the Community Grid divert in urban areas including Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shenyang as of March 31, 2022, and furthermore started and advanced pilots at eight additional urban communities. The 13-month persistency proportion of “vagrant approaches” improved forcefully year on year. Ping An advanced the keen activity through various Insurance Companychannels. As of March 31, 2021, the insightful activity had been advanced in 65% of the specialty units through the specialist channel. In regard of items, Ping A Life expanded the stock of serious items to fulfill client needs. Ping A Life made separated benefits with three center administrations, specifically “protection + wellbeing the executives,” “protection + very good quality old consideration,” and “protection + locally established older consideration,” by utilizing the Group’s medical services biological system. In the principal quarter, more than 33% of the NBV was contributed by the three center administrations. For instance, Ping A Life sent off an entire extra security item named “Sheng Shi Jin Yue” in the main quarter of 2022. This item was generally perceived by clients for its interesting benefits.Insurance Company

Ping A Property and Casualty kept up with great business quality with consistent development in its composed premium.

Ping A P&C’s top notch pay expanded 10.3% year on year to RMB73,018 million in the initial three months of 2022. Premium development got back to business as usual as the repeating effect of the collision protection estimating change finished. By and large consolidated Insurance Companyproportion rose 1.6 pps year on year to 96.8% because of rising cases of the assurance protection business in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. All things considered, in general business quality stayed great and dangers taken care of because of upgraded business the executives and hazard screening. “Ping An Auto Owner,” the most famous car administration application in China, had more than 153 million enlisted clients as of March 31, 2022, with north of 97 million vehicles connected with the application. Ping A P&C sent off sans contact quick tracks for collision protection claims in pandemic-stricken districts. 91.1% of Ping A P&C’s family collision protection claims were handled by means of “A single tick Claims Services” in the initial three months of 2022. Insurance Company.Ping A P&C additionally sent off the “Quick, Easy, and Free” claims administrations to cut the quantity of reports expected for limited quantity claims, assisting little and miniature organizations with improving their gamble obstruction limit against COVID-19.

Ping A Bank kept up with stable business development and resource quality. Income developed 10.6% year on year to RMB46,207 million and net benefit developed 26.8% year on year to RMB12,850 million in the initial three months of 2022. Non-performing credit proportion stayed unaltered from the start of the year at 1.02 % and arrangement inclusion proportion rose 0.68 pps from the start of the year to 289.10% as of March 31, 2022. The typical expense of stores was 2.05%, down Insurance Company0.01 pps year on year. Ping A Bank additionally progressed its retail business change. The retail resources under administration (“AUM”) rose 5.6 % from the start of the year to RMB3,360,669 million as of March 31, 2022. Retail clients expanded 1.6% from the start of the year to roughly 120,097,500, among which abundance the executives clients expanded 6.1% from the start of 2022 to around 1,166,500. The equilibrium of retail stores expanded 9.0% from the start of the year to RMB 839,575 million. The equilibrium of retail credits became 0.2% from the start of the year to RMB 1,913,471 million.

Ping A kept on further developing the resource designation of its protection store speculation portfolio to endure market unpredictability. The Company’s protection store speculation portfolio became 4.6% from the start of the year to almost RMB4.10 trillion Insurance Company as of March 31, 2022. The speculation arrangement of protection reserves accomplished an annualized net venture yield of 3.3% and an annualized all out speculation yield of 2.3% in the initial three months of 2022 because of the vacillations in securities exchange.

Net benefit of the resource the board business developed 10.5% year on year to RMB 2,914 million in the initial three months of 2022. Ping A Securities and other resource the executive’s business accomplished consistent development.

Ping A kept on creating innovation business consistently and sped up the execution of its medical services biological system methodology. The collaborations between the protection business and medical services biological system further developed client experience.

Ping A kept on advancing its innovation systems, improved its mechanical ability and fostered its innovation business consistently. The innovation patent Insurance Company applications expanded by 2,048 from the start of the year to 40,468 as of March 31, 2022, a larger number of than most other worldwide monetary foundations’.

Ping An engaged monetary administrations with innovation to advance deals, further develop proficiency and contain chances. Computer-based intelligence administration agents offered types of assistance in excess of 580 million times in the initial three months of 2022, covering a progression of administrations including loaning, Visas, and protection. The AI Customer Visit Insurance CompanyAssistant worked with a month-to-month normal of 2.36 long stretches of cooperation per specialist with existing and likely clients in the initial three months of 2022, an increment of 55% year on year. Ping A Property and Casualty utilized AI robot colleagues to change customary functional models and smooth out functional cycles. 75% of arrangements Insurance Companywere given through self-administration in March 2022. Ping A Bank further developed misrepresentation risk recognizable proof and interference innovation to shield clients from monetary misfortunes through

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