Important Documents Which Are Required for Umrah Visa.

Umrah, the non-mandatory but minor pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah can be performed at any time during Umrah season. This eight-month period for Umrah rituals almost lies between the start of Safar and the end of Ramadan, though the Saudi government may extend it by two or more months in order to accommodate more pilgrims.

Even if there are fewer restrictions available for this journey through cheap umrah packages UK, Umrah pilgrims must necessarily still adhere to all the regulations regarding entry visas.

For International Pilgrims.

For Umrah visas, international visitors i.e., travelling from any country except Saudia Arabia or GCC, must go through the medium of authorized travel agencies for the visa procedures. In other words, umrah pilgrims are not allowed to apply for visas on their own only government-approved, licensed agents are responsible for arranging pilgrims’ transportation, lodging, and travel in Saudia Arabia.

For GCC Nationals.

For citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia, as well as of Gulf Cooperation Council i.e., GCC citizens, wishing to perform umrah do not need any visas or permits. However, their travel time for Umrah rituals remains limited i.e., they can opt for the holy rituals of minor pilgrimage only during specific months.

Documents Required for Umrah visas.

1.   Visa Application form.

Visa Applications must be filled in a proper and legal manner. In addition, all the information provided must remain authentic otherwise the visa processing might become a complication. The applicant must also duly sign the document; confirming that everything written is true.

2.   Photographs.

One recently captured, color but a passport-sized photograph is required to be attached with the visa application form. The photograph must have a white background as well as the full front-face view of the applicant. A photograph with side angles is not acceptable.

3.   Passport Validity.

The passport of the applicant must have a validity of at least six months at the time of visa application. Passports submitted with less than 6-months of validity does not qualify for the umrah visa procedures.

4.   Proof of Accommodation and Return Flight.

The applicant must also submit proof of pre-booked accommodation in the kingdom as well as a copy of a confirmed and non-refundable return airline ticket. It helps officials to understand your travel methodologies, as well as your umrah stay in the kingdom.

5.   Vaccination Certificates.

A pilgrim must also receive necessary vaccination shots from a registered medical facility before its travel to the kingdom. Therefore he/she must also have the certificate as well because you may be asked to show the proof of vaccination at the airport. However, the vaccination types may differ depending on the region you are travelling from.

6.   Biometric Verifications.

As per the recent policy changes, pilgrims now also need to have their identifications biometrically verified through registered centers only. If someone fails to show credible biometric verification, his/her visa might be rejected instantly.

So, if you are traveling for umrah these are some of the basic and necessary document processing procedures to know about.


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