Guide for performing Umrah with elderly.

Umrah is among the great blessings of Allah Almighty for a believer. It’s such an opportunity that Allah grants for a Muslim, whenever he desires. Some may get it as early as in childhood while for some, old age is also a possibility. In short, whenever you get the chance to perform umrah, you must never miss out on the opportunity.

For any one of us, performing umrah with elderly people is a very beautiful thing to opt for. So, if you are also traveling to the holy city of Makkah for umrah rituals with the elderly through cheap umrah packages with flights, here’s a little guide for you.

Best time for Umrah Travel.

If you are accompanying elderly people on your umrah trip, the month of December might be the most feasible time to opt for the holy rituals. Here’s why;

  • December is the most relaxed time for umrah performance. The crowd present in Haramain is comparatively smaller in number. So, the pushing/shoving of the crowd might not be a problem at all.
  • December brings the best weather conditions in Saudi Arabia. Since the country has a hot desert climate, the average daytime temperature of 22 Degrees Celsius in the winter months make it just the ideal time for umrah rituals. Especially, if you are traveling from cold climatic conditions.
  • The hotels/flights are quite discounted in December due to the holiday season. So, getting luxury travel facilities for ease of comfort of the elderly would be an affordable thing.

What sort of accommodation to book?

Whenever you are opting for holy rituals during umrah season, quality accommodation must be booked always. In other words when elderly people are alone, its useless to settle for anything lesser than 5-star accommodation. Why? Well, these sorts of hotels offer the best comfort and living facilities that an elderly person may need. Wheelchairs, Chauffeur Services, Peaceful Living environment etc. the biggest advantage of such hotels is the proximity they share with the holy places i.e., situated at a walking distance from Masjid-al-Haram.

Travel comfort must be a priority.

In the same way, travel comfort must never be compromised. So always book your air travel with reputable airlines and preferably within the luxury travel facilities. Though it’s a little expensive, it would save you a lot of time, energy as well as guarantees comfort.

Preparing Personal IDs for everyone.

When travelling with elderly people, it’s necessary that you prepare personal IDs for every one of your family members, especially elderly people. Also, take their necessary medicines along and travel with the documents of their medical histories. So that any unforeseen circumstance can be dealt with in a proper and guided manner.

Availability of wheelchairs, electric scooters, etc. in Haramain.

There are infinitely many numbers of wheelchairs, electric scooters, etc. available for elderly people in order to assist during the umrah rituals. You can rent these and make umrah rituals i.e., Sayee and Tawaf easy for them; religion permits for it as well.

These are some of the basic guide tips for your umrah travel with elderly people.

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